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An algorythm of morphological features of prostate cancer

This tutorial covers Gleason scoring, reporting core biopsies and radical prostatectomies.

A short quiz is given at the end.

This lecture gives an overview of immunohistochemistry in renal tumours

These tables give a benchside guide to which immuno maybe useful in which tumour, and for metastatic clear cell tumours this table may help.

This covers the basics as to what the clinician wants in a report.

This gives a basic table of diseases and pictures of patterns seen.

An overview of immunobullous diseases with a short slide set at end.

Lectures and tutorials

These are aimed at trainee pathologists and cover both dermatopathology and uropathology.

My MD thesis covered the use of p53, bcl-2, CD44 and E cadherin immunohistochemistry and Her-2/neu in situ hybridisation as predictors of recurrence after radical prostatectomy. The morphologic subtype of ductal carcinoma is also reviewed. This thesis is from 2001.

Guide to running an EQA scheme. Lecture from IAP in Cape town.

A guide to Mohs surgery for pathologists.

For Medical Students’ tutorials

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Tutorial guide from London Uropathology Conference 2014 on “Difficult renal tumours” and “Classifying renal neoplasms on core biopsies”

Tutorial from Trainee day Jan 2017 on Inflammatory skins - 20 cases selected from Skin EQA